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Assurance Self-Storage offers affordable rent, and clean and secure self-storage units with security access. Gate access from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. We offer residential, commercial and mini units. No credit card required.

We're located only 15 minutes east of Peterson Field, 8 minutes from Shriever AFB and 7 minutes south of Hwy 24.

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ASSURANCE SELF-STORAGE is your answer for reasonably priced self-storage units in the Colorado Springs / Eastern El Paso county area. We are here to help. We offer a wide selection of sizes for your storage needs. Secure, clean and easily accessible storage units at practical prices that you can afford. Need a storage unit for a month? A year? Longer? We can help!

Available Sizes: (Price includes tax)

Sizes Price
5' x 10' $73.44 mo.
10' x 10' $95.04 mo.
10' x 15' $116.64 mo.
10' x 20' $132.84 mo.
10' x 25' $143.64 mo.

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Colorado law requires you to carry insurance for personal property put in public storage.

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The History of the Storage Unit

March 24, 2016
Thousands of people use self-storage, whether it's for keeping your clutter away from the house, storing business items, or simply to assist when it comes to moving. A question that is often asked is, "How did the idea of a storage unit come about?" In this article, we are going to look at just that, with an interesting trip through the history of the storage unit - from its early beginnings to its modern day success.

Early Origins

Since the prehistoric era, people have found ingenious ways to store their meat and vegetables, including the use of organized jars and units carved into the walls. However, the idea of storing your personal possessions is not as commonly seen in recorded history. There is evidence from ancient China and Greece that elaborate storage systems were created for personal possessions. In China, clay pots were filled with items and then stored underground in units. What makes China so interesting and unique is the strong evidence for this being a publically available storage system for personal items. In the case of Greece, the best evidence can be seen in Delphi where it would appear that written files/documents and, potentially, possessions from across Greece were stored - although it is not certain that possessions were stored. It is still interesting to see such a vast filing system in such an early culture, advanced as they were. So we can see from these ancient cultures that storage has always been an issue in need of resolution, it's just that (as far as we know) not a great deal was done about it until later on. Read more...